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Tramos Economic Plus

Economic Plus

TRAMOS® Economic can be used for all possible cleaning and degreasing operations.

Contains no phosphates, acids, silicones and is non-butyl
Safe to use on all kinds of metals, plastics, lacquer paints, floors, walls, ceilings etc. 
Easily removes oil, grease and dirt from surfaces
Fast, intense cleaning action surpasses other cleaners' performances
Removes unpleasant odors. Has a clean fresh smell. 
Leaves cleaned surfaces slightly anti-static
Safe to use in high-pressure spray equipment, part washers, dip tanks, or ultrasonic baths as well as standard industrial cleaning machines.
Very economical to use
Low VOC (3.5 g/L concentrate, less than 1 g/L as used)

TRAMOS Economic penetrates the dirt, breaking surface tension, easily dissolving organic substances and disintegrating many chemical compounds.
The use of carbon chains in this system makes this cleaning agent biodegradable. The chemical reactions that take place when using TRAMOS Economic completely disintegrate these linear carbon chains.
Both cationic and non-ionic reducing agents are used, allowing TRAMOS Economic to work very efficiently at low temperatures. The concentrate's high pH (12.9) is partly caused by the cationic ingredients. This pH allows TRAMOS Economic to clean solid washable surfaces without marring the substrate. 
The non-ionic ingredient increases the product's penetration into the dirt. It also decreases the static attraction of the dirt to the substrate by encasing the dirt particles, preventing them from attaching to the surface.
Oil-based products are decomposed by TRAMOS Economic. It separates the oily substance into its water soluble and organic components, making easy removal from the substrate possible.
TRAMOS Economic contains no phosphates. The cationic and non-ionic ingredients work well in hard water since they are not sensitive to Calcium or Magnesium ions.


Toyota oil pump housing

NFPA Hazard Class:
Health 0 (as used)

Flammability 0

Reactivity 0

VOC: <1 g/L (as used)
pH: 12.9 (concentrate)
Flash point: None
Meets European Community (EC) directives concerning biological degradability of surface-active substances.

Whatever system is used for cleaning with TRAMOS Economic, a mechanical action (brush, sponge, aeration of solution, ultrasonic, etc.) is required to break the surface tension of the dirt. Just soaking for an extended time will not be sufficient for cleaning.
TRAMOS Economic may be safely used in cleaning fountains, immersion or ultrasonic baths, parts washers, high-pressure cleaners, and other industrial cleaning machines
TRAMOS Economic is not flammable and can be safely heated. For immersion or ultrasonic baths we recommend 50° C/122° F to minimize the evaporation rate.
TRAMOS Economic is highly concentrated. If the product is not sufficiently diluted, a white haze or stripes can be left after drying especially on very smooth or shiny surfaces. This haze will disappear when the surface is treated again with the correct dilution.
Rinsing all parts, pipes and surfaces is important so no residue remains. Rinsing with warm water is not necessary but will enhance the drying process.


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